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Photo Credit to Lusia Photography

Hello, I'm Dan Kleinhans.  My wife Katie and I started our adventure together in 2018 after nearly a lifetime of friendship.  After I proposed in 2019 neither of us really knew what we wanted our wedding to look like, but we knew we wanted something unique.  We first talked about the idea of using my Dad's barn as a joke, but the idea kept coming back up in our conversations. Once we started talking to my Dad about the possibility of purchasing the property we were sold on the idea.  Unfortunately the barn was in rough shape and looking back I still wonder if we were a little crazy. But we had a vision and considering Katie cried the first time she used a saw I knew we had our work cut out for us.  After replacing beams, flooring, patching siding and roof, accumulating chairs, building tables and a hundred other things, we brought our vision to life.  What we discovered along the way is that we loved the whole process.  We loved working together to bring our vision to life, we look forward to doing the same for you!

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